We find opportunities in several places. Some of our general marketing activities include
mailers, texting/calling homeowners and internet marketing. That said, some of the greatest opportunities come from having strong relationships with other real estate investors, flippers, wholesalers and real estate agents. These partners will bring a property to us because we’ve proven our team’s ability to find a cash buyer quickly, allowing them to complete a deal without having to do much of anything. We handle all the paperwork, marketing, showings, offers, negotiation and closing and they are compensated with a previously agreed-upon profit share when the deal is done.

A lot of us are, yes. Real estate licenses are not necessary for some of our back office staff and operations team, but those who are actively involved in marketing a property, handling walkthroughs, negotiating contracts, or anything related with the purchase or sale of the property are licensed Realtors in Utah.


Yes, currently we are focusing all of our attention on the beehive state! We are biased, but we think this is one of the absolute greatest real estate markets there is and love working with all of you, our neighbors.

Absolutely! We love working with real estate agents. Agents work with sellers all the time who are in a distressed personal or financial situation, who’s property needs a lot of work, maybe they inherited a property they do not want, or they simply don’t want to deal with the headaches of an MLS listing, all the showings, etc. There are a thousand reasons why agents prefer bringing some properties to us instead of listing on the MLS, and we are happy to help. Plus, when sellers work through us, they don’t have to worry about buyer’s agent commissions, listing expenses, or any closing costs. It is a great
partnership for everyone involved!


Easy, go to the home page and click on the “Join Now” button in the middle of the screen.
Then just fill out your contact information and you’ll be all set!


Great question, we get asked this all the time. Our deal emails come directly from “Jason
Lewis”. If you are not sure if you are getting our emails or not, search his name in your inbox and see if anything pops up. It is also not a bad idea to check your spam filters just in case our emails have been flagged by your email system for some reason.

The overwhelming majority of properties we wholesale are distressed single-family properties.That said, we have also sent out quite a few small multi-family properties and occasionally will send other types of property such as mobile homes, condos, land, and even the occasional carwash or storage unit!

This question is music to our ears. Yes, yes and YES! In fact, other wholesalers are some of our greatest business partners and best friends. If you are newer to wholesaling it can be daunting to scale your business, especially initially! New wholesalers usually have a limited budget, smaller buyers list, less time to commit to the business, and a shorter track record of successes to show, which can make it tougher to get deals done. We get it, we have been there! Leveraging relationships with brands like Wholesale Hub can help accelerate the growth of your business. You are essentially leveraging our buyers list as well as all our systems and processes to find buyers quickly and painlessly, all while you are hands off and focusing on finding another deal. You get paid when the deal closes, and we are on to the next one. Imagine what that could do for your business and marketing budget when you are first getting started! Eventually you will be rolling in the deals and will be ready and able to jump in full-force and won’t need us anymore…. But we hope you won’t forget about us!

Note: This also rings true for real estate agents, brokers, investors and anyone else who could benefit from delegating the wholesale portion of their business to us in order to focus that time and attention on your primary business objectives.


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